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Afforable healthcare plan pricing

Affordable Health Insurance has become a problem and has split into two worlds

ObamaCare- alias- "Affordable Health Care Act" (ACA plans)

Thought of as Traditional Health Insurance include companies like
- Kaiser
- United Health Care
- Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Cigna

Health Share Programs

Alternative health share pool groups include companies like
- AlieraCare/Unity
- Liberty
- Medi-Share
- Samaritan
- Altruia

Traditional Health Insurance Pros (See detailed pdf side by side comparison)
            - Guarantee Issue & Excepts Preexisting conditions
            - Has reserves mandated by state.

Health Share Programs  (See detailed pdf side by side comparison)
            - Truly Affordable premiums (see pdf brochure/rate sheet)
            - Can enroll any time of the year

Increasing Rate Problem with ObamaCare Affordable Health Care (ACA)

- ACA plans are guarantee issue and cover any and all preexisting condition.

- This is great if you have health issues, which is a huge percentage of the population, but the ACA
Insurance pools have become over populated with this population continuing to drive rates up due to increased claims.

- The healthier population, with "NO" preexisting conditions were suppose to offset those claims by paying premiums and require little to no health care claims. However, this has not gone as planned. This healthy population has split into 3 different groups:

  1. Rates are now grossly increasing to a "Non-Affordable health Care Act"  (NACA). Many healthy people can't afford the premiums, (or choose not to afford), are forced to not pay those premiums and go without heath insurance.

  2. Many of this preferred population still choose to be with the Traditional Affordable Health Care Act.
  4. But a large piece of the healthier population choose the "Health Share Programs" because they recognize the significant premium savings and benefits made from a pool of preferred health individuals that have lower incidence of claims paid out.

SUMMARY- If you have preexisting conditions, stay with ObamaCare Affordable Health Insurance.
- If you have NO preexisting condition (typically not treated for 2 years), Consider HealthShare